Telstra B.I. – A Full Service

Do you know any BI/Information Management departments that are so confident in their service they have created 30 second demo videos of their offerings to show it off/market it? …Me neither but last night I got to see just that when I went to a presentation given by Telstra’s John Simon, head of express delivery in the grandly titled “Business Intelligence Centre of Excellence”. Here are a few notes I made:

  • 7 major data warehouses
  • 59 major reporting systems
  • Up to 2 mill queries per hour
  • 80tb, 3tb per month, 400 mill rows daily
  • Teradata with sass over the top solved performance issues
  • Cognos was ejected as query plans were not good
  • SQL 2012, share point 2013, power view & power pivot used for BI
  • Sharepoint themed to look like Windows 8 tiles to give modern look to BI portal
  • Disconnected tables in power view as of cu4
  • Dimensional modelling still important even though tabular is used by default for performance.
  • Multi dimensional cubes still used for larger financial reporting
  • T-inform is the offered BI portal clients can be brought onto
  • Offer conversion service from power pivot to ssas tabular
  • Client can upgrade to cube

It was a very interesting approach to market the BI centers Portal around the rest of the company and give a fully managed migration from Excel based end user reporting to potentially must faster and larger scale solutions. Having a sitewide Sharepoint license is an advantage in this scenario that few companies have so seeing what can be done with one was an impressive eye opener.


About Alister McPherson
Senior consultant at, focusing on enterprise business intelligence platforms.

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